Friday, January 28, 2011

The Winger's Restaurant of Life...A Comedic Salute

Some folks feel like the main dish in the Wingers Restaurant of Life. Others feel like a side dish, the little saucer of coleslaw that only some notice and enjoy. Still, there are those who can relate their life best to a huge piece of Asphalt Pie...dessert...right on. But me...? On occasion, (not saying when...just on occasion) I feel more like the pre-dinner snack. I'm not talkin' the wings...or even the celery sticks that come with it. I'm talkin' about the POPCORN they sit ya down with...mindlessly eaten...spilled on the table...left with nothin' but hard little kernels and popcorn droppings at the bottom of the bowl...completely forgotten by the time the hoity toity Asphalt Pie comes out. Sigh. Oh well. One things for certain, whether the main dish, side order, dessert, appetizer or stinkin' all gets swept off the table at some point. The busser is no discriminator of dishes. Moral of the story... Go to Wingers and enjoy the popcorn. The end.

P.S....I'll be the Asphalt Pie at some point's just the way it is! Cheers!

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